Restoration on the Battenkill

Here is an Outdoor Journal special on restoration work the Batten Kill Watershed Alliance (BKWA) has been doing on the Battenkill. The story is from 1:30-12:50.

This is a Vermont PBS production. Editing or modifying is prohibited.


Big brown with radar tag implant 2003

 Trout populations are back on the rise since the start of BKWA’s restoration work on the Kill.

Big tree - for Twin Rivers project

A combination of large trees with root wads and stone have been carefully placed at each site to create more cover and shelter for trout.

1 year later - Flyfisherman in LWD project site

Southwestern VT TU are proud to have partnered with the BKWA on a multi-stage project at the Dufrense Pond site on the East Branch of the Battenkill.


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