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State of Vermont Limit on Brook Trout

Both TU Southwestern Vermont and the Vermont Council of Trout Unlimited endorse changing Vermont’s daily limit on brook trout from twelve fish to six fish. This campaign, initiated by the Native Fish Coalition, is the result of scientific research on the effects of Vermont’s daily brook trout limit on rivers and streams, which is the highest limit of any state in the eastern United States.

Read our letter to the Commissioner of the Vermont Department of Fish & Wildlife on why we support this measure:

April 10, 2018

Mr. Louis Porter Commissioner
Vermont Fish & Wildlife Dept. 1 National Life Drive, Davis 2
Montpelier, VT 05620-3702 Dear Commissioner Porter:

The Vermont Council of Trout Unlimited (VTTU) endorses changing the State of Vermont creel limit on brook trout to six fish daily, apart from the limits on other non-native trout species.

Current brook trout populations in the rivers and streams of Vermont are healthy and stable. However, VTTU is concerned for the future health of our state coldwater fish and believes that preemptive steps need to be taken to protect brook trout. We are particularly concerned about wild brook trout. A change from twelve to six would add protection for them as well.

VTTU believes this creel reduction is necessary now due to the changing climate patterns resulting in temperature increases and a rise in severe storms that threaten to degrade water quality and increase the risk of catastrophic floods. Changes in the timing and location of precipitation combined with rising levels of water pollution will strain ecosystems and threaten the survival of our most vulnerable fish and wildlife species.

Recreation tourism is an important part of Vermont’s economy, and anglers visit exclusively to fish our rivers, streams and headwaters for native brook trout. According to the Fish & Wildlife Task Force, wildlife related activities generated $386 million for our economy in 2012. By acting now, we can help ensure the future resilience of our State’s coldwater fish and only native trout species.

Thank you in advance for considering our concerns and please do not hesitate to contact us with any questions.

Clark Amadon, Chair
Vermont Council of Trout Unlimited

What Can You Do?

  • Learn more about the campaign on the Native Fish Coalition Vermont Chapter website.
  • Sign the petition to the Vermont Department of Fish & Wildlife.
  • Volunteer with TU Southwestern Vermont to protect brook trout in Bennington and Rutland counties and promote catch-and-release fishing.